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Not In My Name

I just read an item that states the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security initiated deportations of nearly 400,000 people over the last fiscal year, the largest number in history.  I suspect many people across the country will read that … Continue reading

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In Commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month: César’s Last Fast

“I remember poor wages and the lack of food… living in the car under a bridge is not that bad because you’re a kid, but the humiliation, that’s what you remember.” A quote from César’s Last Fast as César Chávez … Continue reading

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Inspiration During a Time of Worry

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a celebration of the life and legacy of César Chávez at the White House. Ernie Flores, AFOP President, and Hermelinda Sapien, AFOP Executive Committee member, accompanied me to this invitation-only event at the … Continue reading

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Can I Get A Refund on That Failure?

“Wouldn’t it be nice if taxpayers could somehow get a refund for government programs that didn’t work?” On Wednesday, February 9, in the New York Times, author David Leonhardt painted a rosy picture of social impact bonds, ignoring the potential … Continue reading

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Reemerging Government Perspective, Must Work Well In Groups

I recently had the opportunity to see the government’s reemerging emphasis on collaboration in action at the EPA’s Beyond Translation event in Durham, NC, on October 6. During the event, I participated in a significant discussion focusing on the local … Continue reading

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