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Native American Heritage Month Celebrates Contributions in Agriculture

There are over five million people in the U.S. who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native. Since 1990, when President George H. W. Bush signed a resolution for Native American Heritage Month, November celebrates Native American’s rich history and … Continue reading

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Do Consumers Care About Farmworkers?

A great question was posed in an article today on immigrant farmworkers and New York’s local food market. Aurora Almendral, the reporter, asked a farmer who she interviewed, “Why do you think it is that consumers seem so much more … Continue reading

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Poisoning our Children

“Within five minutes, I had noted multiple cleft palates and several children with apparent Down Syndrome…. It was shocking and disturbing to walk into a room with a group of parents and children that easily represented three to four times the national … Continue reading

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Migrant Students Make an Impact in the Community through Theater

By Noemi Ochoa, Children in the Fields Campaign Texas Regional Coordinator, AFOP South Texas is home to many of America’s migrant farmworkers. These workers travel up North to harvest the nation’s food in states like Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan, among … Continue reading

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GMOs Pose Potential Threat to Farmworkers

GMOs have been shown to increase use of pesticides, which puts the farmworkers who cultivate and harvest the nation’s foods at risk for birth defects, learning disabilities, cancers, and even death. More than one billion pounds of pesticides are used … Continue reading

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