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The American Dream-“I am the hope of my parents’ harvest, I am the fruit of their efforts”

To honor Farmworker Awareness Week I invited a young farmworker woman to share her story. Eva and I first met in 2012 when she won a seven week, paid internship/fellowship in Washington D.C. Her story begins much the same as … Continue reading

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Remembering and Celebrating César Chávez

Today marks the 86th anniversary of the birth of César Chávez and of the final day of this year’s National Farmworker Awareness Week.  It is fitting we celebrate farmworkers this week for all the difficult and dangerous work they do … Continue reading

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Cultivating Brighter Futures

National Farmworker Awareness Week is a time for all of us to recognize the challenges faced by the 2.5 million workers on America’s farms. Of those farmworkers, it is estimated between 400,000 and 500,000 are children. AFOP’s Children in the … Continue reading

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Socioeconomic Status and Life Expectancy: Can Job Training Improve the Odds for Farmworkers?

Many facets of life are affected by socioeconomic status. These include quality of education and health care, job benefits, such as paid time off and sick leave, access to transportation and services, and many more.  One you may not have … Continue reading

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Demanding Equality and Respect for the Women Who Feed America

March is the month during which National Farmworker Awareness Week and César Chávez Day take place—two very important events in the farmworker community. It is also the month the United States pays tribute to the many women who have made … Continue reading

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Farmworkers’ Part in Sustainable Agriculture Conversation

By Jimi Patalano, Communications Intern, AFOP Recently, sustainability has become a buzzword in a variety of fields and industries—energy, manufacturing, and transportation are a few noteworthy examples. Widespread realization of the looming dangers of climate change to the economy, the … Continue reading

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National Farmworker Awareness Week 2013

For those of us dedicated to supporting and advocating for the estimated 2.5 million farmworkers in our county who harvest the foods we consume every day, National Farmworker Awareness Week (March 24-31) is a very special time. It not only gives … Continue reading

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Honoring Cesar Chavez

In 1968-69, I remember first hearing about the United Farm Workers (UFW) and Cesar Chavez. Many of my friends were getting ready to participate in the grape boycott and, after hearing about the plight of California’s farmworkers, I had to … Continue reading

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Roots of Change

National Farmworker Awareness Week is a time to increase awareness on both the difficult conditions farmworkers live and work under, and of what is being done by advocates to help improve their lives. This year’s National Farmworker Awareness Week was … Continue reading

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Increased Risk of Cancers among Farmworkers

In honor of National Farmworker Awareness Week, I thought it prudent to examine one particularly significant health issue plaguing the farmworker community: Cancer. A variety of cancers have been associated with work in agriculture for decades. Prostate cancer, for example, … Continue reading

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