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Stress Can Be a Killer

Stress has been linked to a variety of physical and mental ailments, such as headaches, depression, cancer, insomnia, skin disease, cardiovascular disease, an under active immune system, and can exacerbate other pre-existing conditions like HIV/AIDS. Many diseases linked to stress … Continue reading

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Methyl Iodide on the Chopping Block?

While all pesticides are designed to harm living things, there are some that are considered more dangerous than others. One of those pesticides is the controversial chemical methyl iodide, which has been used in strawberry fields in California since 2010. Many environmental groups and health professionals warned state regulators about the dangers of methyl iodide before it was approved at the end of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s term; they were ignored. The state’s own scientific advisors, as well as an independent panel of scientists, warned that the chemical can cause cancer, among other dangerous health effects. Now these groups, and others such as EarthJustice, are asking Alameda County Superior Court to put an end to its use. Continue reading

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Danger in the Fields: Children Exposed to Hazards

There are many dangers for children working in agricultural fields. AFOP estimates there are as many as 500,000 children working in agriculture, risking their health and often times their future. Children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers, relentlessly toiling in large … Continue reading

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More Than Meets the Eye

Farmworkers are vulnerable to obesity for many reasons that can’t simply be fixed by education about healthy foods and exercise. While those are indeed crucial pieces in the complex puzzle of fighting obesity, farmworkers specifically face significant factors that influence … Continue reading

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Remember Farmworkers When Considering Organic Versus Non-Organic

Co-Authored by Valentina Stackl, Health & Safety Program Associate, AFOP It is often forgotten that every piece of fruit and vegetable found at the supermarket was painstakingly picked by a man, woman, or child. Last week, these individuals – our … Continue reading

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Training in Action

Yesterday, AFOP’s Washington, D.C. staff had the opportunity to travel to Delaware’s Eastern Shore to see one of our SAFE AmeriCorps trainers in action. The farmworkers got really into it when Dina, our excellent SAFE AmeriCorps member, started enthusiastically handing … Continue reading

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Danger POISON-Bilingual Labeling on Pesticides

More than one billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the United States, three-quarters of which are used in agriculture. Because these chemicals are used in nearly all fields where crops are harvested, it places farmworkers at the greatest … Continue reading

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Training Farmworkers On Heat Stress Prevention

June 21st marked the first official day of summer, but that is old news for most of us.  Temperatures around the nation’s capital have already reached well over 90 degrees—and for more than just a few days. While it is … Continue reading

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Desert Inside an Oasis

The concept of “food deserts” has become synonymous with the struggles and food insecurities of the urban poor. Urban gardens and food justice organizations that focus on large metropolises are becoming very popular in the media. What many people don’t … Continue reading

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Bad Air

Low-income and minority populations in the United States often live and work in areas where they are unduly exposed to pollution that can damage their health. In fact, two-thirds of Latino families live in areas that do not meet the … Continue reading

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