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SB 1070: Legal is Not Always Moral

On June 25, 2012 the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling of Senate Bill 1070, choosing to uphold one significant section of the law Arizona passed two years ago to create new penalties against undocumented persons in that state. … Continue reading

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Farmworker Health on ICE

When it comes to protecting their health, farmworkers in the United States face formidable barriers. Poverty, rural isolation, and limited English proficiency make accessing health care services extremely difficult. Farmworkers are also afraid to speak up about dangerous conditions in … Continue reading

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A Quiet Spring

In June, 50 years ago, the modern environmentalist movement was born. The seminal bestseller Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was published in June 1962 as segments in New Yorker Magazine. In September of that year, the book was published and, … Continue reading

World Day Against Child Labor 2012

According to the 2010 Global report on child labor prepared by the International Labour Organization (ILO), an estimated 215 million children globally are involved in child labor and half of them indulge in its worst forms. Most child workers (60 percent) … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain on Pesticides

Last year, several studies linked pesticide exposure in pregnant women to lower IQs in their children, which we wrote about in our blog post, “Farmworkers Suffer a Disproportionate Burden.” A new study published this May went a step further: researchers … Continue reading

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