Promoting Partnerships, Helping Farmworkers

On September 12, farmworker families celebrated the completion of Home Ownership and Financial Management classes given by Telamon Corporations’ Housing Counselor Ismelda Rosario Ortega.  Their certificates of completion symbolize a wonderful partnership in serving the migrant and seasonal farmworker families of North Carolina between North Carolina Focus on Increasing Education, Leadership, and Dignity (NC FIELD), Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP), and AFOP’s North Carolina member agency, Telamon Corporation.

NC FIELD, a community coalition founded by AFOP, collaborates with community members and advocates providing services to farmworker children, youth, and families. NC FIELD is currently working to renovate two houses for active farmworker families in Lenoir County. NC FIELD has joined with Telamon Corporation, which has specialized classes in Home Ownership and Financial Management in order to prepare farmworker families to become home owners. They also learned better ways to manage and save money in order to maintain the home once they become owners.

On the last day of class, Instructor Ortega commented, “It has been very interesting working with farmworker families who collaborated great; it seemed that the class was very helpful for them too.” The families expressed how much they loved the workshops and could not give enough praise to Ms. Ortega.

NC FIELD and Telamon hope to continue working together to provide farmworker families in North Carolina with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage their finances and become responsible home owners. Hopefully, this collaboration will also serve as an example to encourage potential partnerships around the country.

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