National Farmworker Awareness Week

This coming week is National Farmworker Awareness Week, as well as the celebration of the birthday and legacy of César Chávez.  From March 27 through April 2, students, community members, congregations, and organizations across the country will work to raise awareness about farmworker issues through events, blogs, media pieces, videos, and a variety of activities. AFOP will help in this effort to educate the public on the many obstacles faced by farmworkers with special blog posts this coming week from our team, including our Children in the Fields Campaign and Health & Safety Programs experts on current farmworker issues.  AFOP will also post events we are hosting that are taking place throughout the U.S.

As we honor these significant events, it is important to realize the struggle for farmworker justice that César Chávez symbolizes still continues today.  Many victories were made in his time, but much more remains to be done in order to provide farm laborers with the protections, compensation, and respect they deserve.


About David Strauss, AFOP's Executive Director

David A. Strauss has actively advocated for America’s farmworkers and served AFOP member agencies as the Executive Director since 2000. In addition to his role as the Executive Director, David is also on the steering committees of the Child Labor Coalition and the National Farmworker Alliance, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project. David has a Master of Arts in public administration and a B.A. in political science. He and his family live in Rockville, Maryland.
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